Taking your beard to the next level?


Animal Beard

One thing that I take an occasional pleasure in doing is growing out my beard until I can’t take it any longer or until my wife cracks the whip and I give in to her “honey I’m heading to the store…do you need anything like new razors?”

But when I am in control of what me and my beard want…then it’s game on!

I brush it, I comb it, I fluff it into a mini fro, and at times I even imagine what it would look like if shaped it into something totally awesome.

I use the word awesome strictly for my gender because what us men think would be an awesome beard usually means our other half would think the opposite.

Sometimes I wonder if something is wrong with me because I will see a guy rocking a totally awesome beard and I just want to go shake his hand and say “well done sir”…”well done”.

Then I want to ask…what is your technique for getting your wife to agree with your face fro for more than a month?

I think my inner me want’s to go all out and get the tattoos down to my wrists or even just to my elbows, and grow out a long beard to my hearts content.

In reality…I have no tattoos, and my beard simply put is just a blip on the face fro radar.

So for now…I will continue to search for that one awesome beard that I love and my wife will tolerate, and for that one tattoo that will inspire me to let me inner rebel out.

If you have any awesome beards aka face fro’s to share then please send them to me and I will share with our readers.

A short lesson on beards that I find interesting



Circus Couture – Charity – Circus – Fashion – Art – Las Vegas

Circus Couture

Source: Circus Couture – Charity – Circus – Fashion – Art – Las Vegas

Supporting a cause is one of those things that I never really thought about until my wife started working for The Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada. It takes a strong person to dedicate so much time and effort for the type of work she does, and giving 100% of her heart, time, and love to these kids and parents is something that only a strong person can do.


Seeing these kids come in sick and watching them recover from their illness is simply a gift from God.

There are sad times when I see her cry when a child passes away, and there are good times when they come from nearly dying to being full of life.

These kids are amazing simply put…it makes you realize that life can be so much worse for yourself and for others.

With this being said…I support any cause that has to do with children overcoming any hardship that is thrown their way.

So if you are looking or not for a great cause to support then Circus Couture is it.


A Blog That Makes Me LOL and Then Some


Laughing at loud is something that only happens to me when I find something so funny that no matter how many times (4+) I read or see it…I LOL.

Here is a blog called The Blogess that I just have to share with you all. I love her style of writing and the way she tells her stories…it reminds me of my wife and one of our good friends Reba. It also reminds me of how I think about certain things and that is one of the few reasons I want to share this great blog with you.

Neko Atsume will ruin your life. But in a good way.


Ribs that are insanely good!

One of my favorite things to bbq and smoke are pork ribs. The whole process is a bit of a task and can take hours to make, but it is so worth it. Using real wood on a charcoal grill takes some know how, but once you get the hang of it…it’s game on!

I am somewhat well known for my ribs and chicken, and it seems like the only reason I get invite to barbecues is because they know that I can’t be around a hot grill and not step in.

I’m not here to give you a recipe because there are recipes all over the internet telling you how to smoke some ribs.

The reason I wrote this post is because I would like to here how you make your ribs in the comment section.

I am always looking to try new recipes…so if you have one then please share it with us, and when I use your recipe I will definitely write about it and give you some major credit for sharing it…that’s only if they are tasty.

So come on and SHARE it.

I can’t wait to give your recipe a try!